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Cotton Yarn

Yarn Syndicate Ltd (YSL) exports various types of high quality cotton yarn. Having strategic alliance with diverse spinners YSL today holds its name in the top list of quality yarn suppliers.

The variety of cotton yarn being exported by YSL and accepted worldwide consists of :

  • Ring Spun

    Suitable for knitting and weaving in the count range of Ne 10s to 40s in carded in various quality and Ne 10s to 100s in combed. Both can be supplied in single and multi -fold.

  • Open endn

    Various quality suitable for variety of weaving application in the count range of Ne 4/1 to Ne 30/1, in single and multi-fold.

  • Organic Yarn

    Control Union Certified 100% Organic Yarn in the count range of 20s to 40s suitable for knitting and weaving applications.

  • Slub Yarn

    Of various pattern - short, medium, long, extra long or as per buyers required styles.

  • Compact

    Conventional spinning methods of yarn gives low strength and improper appearance of fabric. This has been possible to overcome by using latest technology compact spinning, where-in low hairiness and extra strength is achieved in the yarn which gives a more even look to the fabric. Compact yarn can be supplied in the range of 30s to 60s made on Sussan or Reiter-4 machines.

  • Other Specialised Yarn

    Combed Gassed Mercerised
    Cotton dyed yarn
    100% Melange Yarn from 5% black to 55% black.