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Blended Yarn

We have a wide range of blended yarn in various counts in single and two fold suitable for knitting and weaving applications :

  • Polyester /Cotton

    Supplied in cotton carded and combed both in the blend of 65/35 & 52/48 in the count range of Ne 8/1 to Ne 40/1 in ring spun and from Ne 6/1 to Ne 20/1 in open-end spinning.

All P/C yarn supplied are blow room mixing which guarantees the best dyeing.

  • Cotton / Polyester (CVC)

    Supplied in the count range of Ne 20/1 to Ne 40/1 in carded and combed both in ring spun with blend of 40/60 and 30/70.

  • Polyester / Viscose

    Supplied in the count range of Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 in single and from Ne 16/2 to Ne 40/2 in TFO doubled yarn. P/V yarn supplied by us is produced in stringent quality standards and is guaranteed for single component dyeing.

Apart from the above blended yarn which is common with our customers, we even supply some specialised blended yarn in VISCOSE/MODAL, COTTON /MODAL, COTTON/VISCOSE & COTTON LINEN, as per our customers' demand.